"SLIDESHOW -Your trip is my trip"

Webproject (2007)


A five-screen slideshow of other peoples photos from their trips.
All images are to be found at the internet in homepages and blogs.

[approximate 40 sec./290 photos loop]

Not that long ago you had to spend at least 80 days to travel around the world. Nowadays you can sit in your own livingroom and visit all the places you want in a few minutes by using the internet. The startingpoint of this project was that I was amazed by the large number of private photos published in homepages and blogs, and the willingness people have to shear their memories and experiences with strangers. I also noticed that these photos looked a lot like each other, and they looked a lot like my own travel-photos! All the images I have collected is showing one or more persons posing in front of sights, like trophies.

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[mouse-over to pause images]