The Disembodied Lady (2012)

Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (blackbox).

The exhibition's main work is the 3D-animation Disembodied. On the floor of the blackbox is the sculpture Pyramid and on the wall outside the drawing Labyrinth.


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Disembodied - Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter



Disembodied, 3D-animation with sound, 4:10min loop, og Pyramid (mind challenge), painted mdf. (2012)





Pyramid (mind challenge), painted mdf, 2 pieces 60x27x27cm, The 2 pieces can be put together and form a pyramid. (2012)


Labyrint (hjernen er alene)

Labyrinth, colored pencil on papir, 40x44cm. (2011)